Jeanine West, Ph.D.

Jeanine is the owner of PhytoServ which holds contracts with Landscape Ontario, Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc., and with independent producers. Jeanine provides direct grower support for compliance and regulatory issues, and works closely with government partners to communicate farmer concerns and develop appropriate regulatory tools. Throughout the last few years, Jeanine has led significant research projects supporting horticultural growers with water and nutrient management solutions, including irrigation efficiency and fertilizer placement trials, and investigating water treatment solutions.

Dave Hodgson, BSc.
Senior Pedologist, DBH Soil Services Inc

Dave has over 28 years experience in environmental consulting  in the role of pedologist (soil scientist)/project manager of DBH.  Dave is responsible for identifying and assessing agricultural resources including facilities, land use and soil materials using both traditional mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.  As such, Dave has been involved in a variety of diverse agricultural impact, environmental assessment, waste management, watershed management, research, route/site selection and site remediation studies. Dave has provided testimony at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) as an expert witness for Soils and Agricultural issues on various studies and has provided evidence at numerous Regional, County and Township Council meetings.  Dave has also been involved in the review of the OMAFRA proposed new guidelines for Canada Land Inventory (CLI) classification in Ontario.

Trevor Dickinson, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Dickinson has been a Professor of Water Resources Engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph for 35 years. He has conducted research relating to hydrology (e.g. characteristics of extreme rainfall, snow distribution and runoff; development of deterministic models of snowmelt, infiltration and runoff), soil erosion and sedimentation (e.g. description of  interrill flow, soil erodibility and streambank erosion; development of deterministic and statistical models for soil erosion, sediment yield and bank erosion), hydraulic design (e.g. design of natural channels and rock riprap; development of crest-stage gauge, soil erosion flume, rainfall simulators), and the transfer of technology (e.g. estimating peak runoff, field and bank erosion, watershed sediment yield) has led to the preparation of more than 200 papers, reports and manuals (more than 100 refereed), and more than 200 presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops.

Michael Payne
Black Lake Environmental

Michael, principal of Black Lake Environmental (BLE), is a specialist in the sustainable and beneficial management of NASM and a certified NASM Plan Developer. Before recently retiring from OMAFRA, he was their subject matter expert in the Nutrient Management regulatory standards development for NASM management and utilization in Ontario, guidelines development, development and teaching of courses and training related to regulatory compliance and NASM utilization, and committee representative on many related committees. Recent and current affiliations include Director on the Board of Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) and Past Chair of the Residuals and Biosolids Committee, and Technical Sessions Chair for the Canadian Biosolids and Residuals Conference, Quebec, September 2011.